Our Story



Tee-Owels is a start up t-shirt hair towel company based out of Middletown, NY, and created by NY Esthetician and Business woman Elizabeth Ann Girolamo. After years in the field of beauty, Elizabeth decided to shift gears from skincare and make an impact in a field more close to home: Ethnic hair care. She started an empowering blog and Instagram, Ethnic Hair Forum, and began educating people on black hair care because she felt like there was a lack of standardization and a lot of misinformation on the subject. In her Junior year of college Elizabeth began planning Tee-Owels.


"The purpose of Tee-Owels is to create diversity in hair care. To show you can have curly hair and still have FUN products to reflect it," says Elizabeth. Tee-Owels makes it fun to go natural and offers a quality hair towel and a true authenticity that is a rare find in the beauty realm. Elizabeth wanted to see a change in the way that the ethnic and curly hair care industry presented hair care options, not everything has to be so serious and mundane related to textured hair care - the way that it had been for her growing up.


We reinvented the hair towel because cotton T-shirt material is a safer hair drying product than traditional towels when it comes to salvaging the tips of our hair and preventing damage. Tee-Owels aims to be a leader in providing great protective hair care solutions, accommodations, and education. Making women's lives easier everyday is what we're all about.


Meet The Team



Liz Girolamo

CEO, Owner and Operator


Matt Motta

Digital Photography and Media Manager

Taty Lovett

NYC Representative