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~ From Dream to Reality ~

Softer, lighter, + better than a bath towel! Meet the Ideal T-shirt Towel for Curly Hair Types - TEE-OWELS*.
It’s no secret that bath towels are heavy and damaging on hair, especially in curly and dry types. The rough texture of terry cloth is notorious for creating an ‘over-drying’ effect and stealing our hair’s precious moisture, while leaving our ends dry and damaged to break and fall off. At Tee-Owels we pride ourselves on being the finest in healthy, protective hair care solutions for the modern day woman.

Tee-Owels are made of high quality cotton tee-shirt material, and are the perfect hybrid between tee & towel, hence the name! The super soft texture of Tee-Owels reduces damage, breakage and frizz caused by traditional towel drying, allowing your curls to reach their highest level of optimization. Tee-Owels fabric is lightweight and slightly stretchy for increased durability and ADORABILITY when styled.
Join TEAM HAPPY HAIR for the ultimate healthy hair drying experience & Make The Switch to a Tee-Owel today! 



Liz Girolamo

CEO, Owner and Operator


             Based out of Middletown, NY, Tee-Owels* was created by Esthetician and Business woman Liz Girolamo. After years in the field of beauty, Liz decided to shift gears from skincare and make an impact in a field more deserving of attention and closer to home: Ethnic hair care. 
             Growing up, Liz felt completely lost when it came caring for her hair. Not only was there very little information (and misinformation) out there at the time, but she was an adopted mixed kid with white parents who didn't understand ethnic hair care either. All of this affected her throughout her childhood and teenage years, and made it hard to grow and maintain healthy hair. Everyday was a battle with excess breakage and damage, and Liz was losing. 
             While navigating through her healthy hair journey in her early 20's Liz had found her calling - She wanted to help standardize ethnic hair care, so that no young woman would ever feel as lost with their natural hair as she once did. In college, Liz passionately began devoting her time to making a difference by starting an empowering blog and instagram account called “Ethnic Hair Forum”,  an educational platform she’d tend to on the side while finishing her bachelors degree, She engaged a community of 12,000+ followers, offering techniques, and tips for women with hair challenges.
             One major discovery that Liz made along the way was that women had started using t-shirts to dry their hair, herself included. This is because the big bulky bath towels were a cause of damage on fragile wet hair, despite being widely used in American culture. This discovery highlighted for Liz not what t-shirts were doing for women’s hair, but rather what traditional bath towels were failing to do. 
          After graduating from Business school, Liz landed her first internship with celebrity fashion stylist Ty hunter’s Ty-Lite. This was a pivotal point in her life, for it further fed her desire to pursue her own entrepreneurial path in a field more aligned with her interest and expertise. Liz revisited her new found love for t-shirts in hair care, and began researching potential fabrics for the Ideal T-shirt Hair Towel, while crafting her brand. In June of 2017, Tee-Owels was born. Liz believed that her healthy hair towel would serve as a sophisticated wash day essential that would be protective in nature, and ensure that women could easily transition from washing to styling. Liz felt that every woman should know about the benefits of t-shirt material in hair drying, and that women who already did shouldn't have to use t-shirts because they deserved better!
           Liz says, "The purpose of Tee-Owels is to celebrate diversity in hair care and build up the curly and texture hair industry. It’s to show you can have curly hair and still have FUN products to reflect it, which wasn’t the case before." says Liz. "I wanted to make sure wash day was easier and more fun for women with textured hair types, as it had always seemed to have been for women with straight hair."
           Tee-Owels makes it fun to go natural and offers a quality hair towel and a true authenticity that is a rare find in the beauty realm. We aim to be a leader in providing great protective hair care solutions, accommodations, and education. Making women's lives easier everyday is what we're all about.



Matt Motta

Digital Photography and Media Manager

 Matthew Motta is a media visionaire based out of Orange County New York. With a degree in New Media, he applies his learned skills to the fields of both business and leisure. He is proficient in the fields of photography, videography, and digital storytelling. Matt has teamed up with his longtime high school sweetheart, Elizabeth Girolamo, to assist her with her start up business Tee-Owels. Together they make an effective team as they bring to fruition Elizabeth’s vision of a happy, healthy hair care future.

            Matt has a background in skateboarding, with over 20 years of experience, and enjoys making music in his spare time. He also refers to himself as a haunted house enthusiast, having run events of his own including Milford Theatre’s Ghouls Film Fest, as well as the annual Karate Quest Dojo Halloween event in Port Jervis, NY. Ultimately, Matt appreciates and respects any creative process and is simply happy and humbled to be able to contribute.