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Our t-shirt material Tee-owel* is absorbent and perfect for drying hair without the damage, breakage and frizz caused by traditional bath towels and microfiber. Tee-Owels are the new lightweight and comfortable solution to drying hair quickly, effortlessly, and more naturally. The absorbent and slightly stretchy cotton material is convenient and easier to wrap than bath towels. Bath towels are plain outdated! Choose the happy route and make the switch to a Tee-Owel today.

(Plus they're cute, like really cute so...)

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Black Tee-Owel Curly Hair Towel


One is fun. Get one Tee-Owel at full price for $16.99 (Price varies by size.)

6 Available Colors

Sassy+ Combo 3 Pack Tee-Owel Hair Towels


A girl needs options. Get 3 Tee-Owels in a pack at a discounted price for $44.95 (Price varies by size.)

3 Available Combos



Satin for the win. Get 3 Satin Scrunchies for $8.99.

3 Available Sets


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Intrigued by the product, I ordered a few of the Tee-owels for myself, my daughters-in-law and for my granddaughter, who has the same curly hair that I did as a little girl.  
Very happy with the prompt delivery, wonderful packaging and choices of color. Best of all, I love the product! 
Drying time is half what it used to be on my medium length hair. It leaves me with little to no frizz and washes/dries with no fuss or bother.  
Thank you for this wonderful product!


Amazing product!!! Comfortable, light weight and easy to use. My daughters and I use the tee-owels all the time!!! 👍❤️


I used it for the first time the other day and using it made wash day so easy. It's so light and very absorbent. The colors are AMAZING! I ordered a single one but got so excited that I ordered a combo pack a day later. I just want to say thanks for introducing such an amazing product to us natural hair women!


I purchased the mint colored tee-owel for myself and my hair has never been happier!  The towel itself is so soft and lightweight and I love the color and logo!  My hair feels so much softer, less dry/brittle and overall healthier!  I loved it so much I bought a Happy Combo Pack for myself and given a few out as gifts to my friends and family and they have all loved it!  I am a customer for life! ❤️