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Still using harsh bathtowels to dry your hair (because that's what we were taught, right)? How about wrapping your hair up in an old t-shirt to dry? As new science and information suggests, bathtowels are doing your hair a lot more harm than good.  The material is known to be too rough on hair, creating friction, frizz and breakage, especially for curly and dry hair types... And people who have been make-shifting a towel out of an old t-shirt (like we used to) know this! 

At Tee-Owels we know the smoother and softer the material the better! Get ready to ditch the bathtowels and makeshift t-shirt head-wraps, and switch to our perfect protective hair towel hybrid, the Tee-Owel. Made of soft organic cotton t-shirt material, Tee-Owels are the convenient and lightweight solution for your wash-day routine. Reduce damage and frizz in style with our heathy hair towels! 

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In our conscious effort to reduce plastic waste & love the earth, every Tee-Owel comes in an eco-friendly cotton travel pouch.


I love the one I received as a gift from my mom!  So I was anxious to get a second one. I love your product and am excited about it!  I definitely see a difference in my hair when I go back to using a regular towel.  My hair is healthier looking! Thank you. 


I heard about this brand through a friend and I'm so happy told me about it!!! I used tee-owels for the first time the other day and using it made wash day so easy. It's so light and very absorbent. The colors are AMAZING! I ordered a single one but got so excited that I ordered a combo pack a day later. I just want to say thanks for introducing such an amazing product to us natural hair women!


Amazing product!!! Comfortable, light weight and easy to use. My daughters and I use the tee-owels all the time!!! 👍❤️


They are Great! So soft and lightweight and I love the colors. Hope you add more colors soon. I love my tee-owels!


The towels are cute, come in colors easy to coordinate with dorm-room themes, are affordable, and SUPER comfortable (for those of you like me who leave your hair in a towel literally all day).
Packing for college is stressful, and this product is a go-to that WILL make it a thousand times easier!!


I've been using them every time I wash my hair and really really loving it!! The fabric is great, it's the perfect balance of soft and gentle while also being super stretchy and flexible! The stretchiness is great because it really makes my hair feel secure without being constricted or pulled too hard. I also washed and dried them and they didn't shrink which is another plus! I love the colors, the owl emblem looks awesome, and I really think it's a great product! Oh also! I took one of them on my disney cruise with me and really appreciated how portable it is. It's not like a bulky towel or robe or anything - it's smaller than a tee shirt and fits literally anywhere. I've even taken it to the pool and beach and anywhere I've gotten my hair wet. They dry super fast which make them nice and easy to use over and over again and not a burden to store or maintain


Intrigued by the product, I ordered a few of the Tee-owels for myself, my daughters-in-law and for my granddaughter, who has the same curly hair that I did as a little girl.  
Very happy with the prompt delivery, wonderful packaging and choices of color. Best of all, I love the product! 
Drying time is half what it used to be on my medium length hair. It leaves me with little to no frizz and washes/dries with no fuss or bother.  
Thank you for this wonderful product!


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