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2017 | From Dream to Reali-Tee

If only the power of t-shirt material in hair drying had been discovered ages ago, incalculable tears, freak-outs, and frustrations could’ve been spared. Where normal bath towels damage, break, and suck the moisture out of every hair strand, Tee-Owels’ organic cotton t-shirt hair towels gently preserve and protect natural tresses, eliminating frizz and destruction. Never could this be truer than where textured and curly hair is concerned.
Tee-Owels was founded in 2017 by esthetician, entrepreneur, and marketer, Liz Girolamo, as a pioneering t-shirt towel brand, one of the first of its kind. Since its inception, Tee-Owels has added other essential preventative hair care products to its collection, including helpful accessories and satin pillowcases. Our products have even been championed by popular publications, including Vanity Fair, Hudson Valley Magazine, and WagMag.
With the environment and your beauty, health, and confidence in mind, Tee-Owels is revolutionizing protective hair care. We believe in the power of raw curls! And we’re not willing to compromise on eco-conscious living to obtain it.
At Tee-Owels, we pride ourselves on being the finest in healthy, protective hair care solutions for the modern day woman. 

Liz Girolamo

When a loving couple adopted a mixed child, they were puzzled over how to properly care for her hair. And without guidance and know-how, she, too, struggled to preserve her beautiful, natural locks. Liz Girolamo’s story isn’t an uncommon one. For decades, there has been a widespread lack of information (and a plethora of misinformation) regarding the health and maintenance of curly and textured hair, leaving countless individuals wondering what to do.
As Liz continued to navigate her hair care journey in her early 20s, she stumbled upon some unique yet practical solutions. Immediately, she knew she needed to use them to improve the lives of others who had shared her challenges. Luckily, her background in business and the beauty industry perfectly positioned her to launch this company and drive it to success. Girolamo’s passion for the conservation of our natural world plays a large role in everything Tee-Owels does. She believes blending sustainability with beauty makes for a brighter future for us all.

Tee-Owels makes it fun to go natural and offers an innovative and quality hair towel product that helps protect curly and textured hair types on washday. We are completely devoted to enhancing the curly and natural hair experience and aim to be a leader in providing great protective hair care solutions, accommodations, and education. Making women’s lives easier everyday is what we’re all about.



Matt Motta

Matthew Motta is a media visionaire based out of Orange County New York. With a degree in New Media, he applies his learned skills to the fields of both business and leisure. He is proficient in the fields of photography, videography, and digital storytelling. Matt has teamed up with his longtime high school sweetheart, Elizabeth Girolamo, to assist her with her start up business Tee-Owels. Together they make an effective team as they bring to fruition Elizabeth’s vision of a happy, healthy hair care future.

Matt has a background in skateboarding, with over 20 years of experience, and enjoys making music in his spare time. He also refers to himself as a haunted house enthusiast, having run events of his own including Milford Theatre’s Ghouls Film Fest, as well as the annual Karate Quest Dojo Halloween event in Port Jervis, NY. Ultimately, Matt appreciates and respects any creative process and is simply happy and humbled to be able to contribute.