The Science

The secrets out! People are opting for Tee-Owels over bath towels. Here's why you should #MakeTheSwitch too –  Bath towels are made of a heavy duty material called terry cloth. Terry cloth is great for cleaning up messes, but not for your fragile hair! The rough texture ruffles the hair shaft creating friction, which leads to frizz and damage. It's similar to using a brillo pad on your face! Additionally, the super absorbent nature of a bath towel strips the moisture your hair needs to stay healthy and strong! The weight of the towel alone pulls your hair from the root and puts pressure on each strand. The combined damage hinders your hair from being it’s best version of itself.
Hair needs soft and gentle means of effective drying, especially dry and curly hair types that strive to retain moisture. The good news is the Tee-Owel is finally here! Tee-Owels smooth and absorbent nature dry hair to perfection while reversing damage and allowing your hair to grow longer, stronger, and healthier in its most fragile moments. We imagine a world where curly and dry hair types are accommodated for and our mission is to deliver the Ideal T-shirt Hair Towel for women to achieve their hair goals with ease. Tee-Owels will leave your hair feeling soft, frizz free and moisturized!