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The Jasmine - Wrap Style Tutorial (Part 3)


The Jasmine 

A.K.A. The Purple Tee-Owel Wrap Style (above)

Welcome to Part 3 of the Tee-Owel Wrap Series, if you've missed any of our previous posts you can find Part 1 & 2 in the blog section on our website on We get a ton of questions regarding how we styled these fun, cute wraps, and most of them were styled by the models themselves. This beauty right here (pictured above) is the Queen of Tee-Owel wrapping. She actually is responsible for styling multiple Tee-Owel wraps in our series, and today we're going to reveal how you can easily style your tee-owel wrap to look as gorgeous as Jasmine's!


The JASMINE - Perfect for Moon Sisters & creative soul types, in fact you can probably imagine Amy Winehouse rocking the Jasmine style in the studio. This wrap style looks as smooth as music sounds, and is great for just throwing your hair up casually in a Tee-Owel regardless of your lounging activity. To get the look you start out like any other towel wrap, by flipping your hair over your head, and then smoothing or brushing your hair down over the top of your head so that all of your hair is hanging upside down in front of your face.

Next, cover the back of your hair with the tee-owel. The bottom of the towel should sit at the nape of your neck on your back hairline. Adjust the sides of the towel so that both sides have the same amount of fabric hanging on each side.

Now grip the two ends of the towel in each hand and cross them in front of your head, but continue to pull them around the other side and tie them in the back. To finish this look simply flip your hair back over the wrap and adjust as needed. In order to get the tag in the front, you must first identify where the tag is and leave that end out to assure that the tag remains accessible. Then flipping the tag into view and smooth it out before snapping a #teeowelselfie . 



*Note* As always, it requires a little patience and practice to perfect this wrap and get the tag showing. THE END RESULT: Wallah! A Tee-Owel wrap style that Rocks. Now its your turn! Show us how you wrap using hashtag #teeowels and #teeowelselfie on facebook or instagram.


 We've got cute wraps for days  ^ . ^

Check back with us soon for the next part of the Tee-Owel Wrap Series: The Mint Tee-Owel wrap Style!


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