How To Wrap Like A Pro Series - The Soraya - Wrap Style Tutorial (Part 1)


The Soraya

A.K.A. The Front Bun Style 


A lot of people have been asking us how we style Tee-Owels to look as cute and br-eazy as we do with the tag showing and all. The short answer is our talented tee-owel babes styled them themselves, and today we're going to share how! Starting with...

The Soraya - (Grey Tee-Owel pictured above) This fiesty, fun style is a front bun style. To get the look you start out just like any other towel wrap: Flip your hair over your head. Use your hands to brush all of your hair down over the top of your head so that all of your hair is hanging upside down in front of your face.

Next, wrap the towel around your head. The middle of the towel should sit at the nape of your neck on your back hairline. Adjust the sides of the towel so that both sides have the same amount of fabric hanging on each side. Then taking one side end in each hand, pull the two ends together out in front of your face. Cradling your head.

Now begin twisting the ends of the towel together all the way down, making a sort of twisted “rope.” Once you've twisted down to the ends, begin circling the rope around and around, building on each cycle to form that cute bun in the front. Lastly, tuck and pull the last piece remaining into the bun to stay.

*Note* It requires a little patience and practice to perfect this wrap and get the tag showing. THE END RESULT: Wallah! You have created cuteness in towel turban form. Now its your turn! Show us how you wrap using #teeowels .

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