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Hair KnOWLedge Program

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with your hair care routine because you just didn't know what was working and what wasn't? Why was your hair growing sometimes and breaking off other times? Have you wished for a guide outlining the standards for your specific hair type, so you can be consistent and make progress easily?
In this series we have sourced and put together some handy tips and steps to guide different hair types on their path to success & see real results!
General Overview: There are 4 hair types and 3 subsections to each hair type (See chart below). We will go through each hair type starting from the kinkiest down to the straightest outlining a care strategy for each. Come along with us on this easy to follow KnOWLedge Program and learn the very best approach for a perfect healthy hair care routine!



- Type 4 A-C Hair Care Program -

Step 1. Healthy lifestyle.

We feel it is incredibly important to realize that having a healthy lifestyle and daily routine is essential for laying the foundation for your healthy hair journey. Getting sufficient sleep each night, drinking lots of water (hydration), proper exercise and eating healthy veggie based meals is going to directly effect your body and its ability to run through all of its processes on an optimal level. We recommend beginning with the knOWLedge that healthy is happiness for your body. It may not seem fun to eat certain foods or get exercise, but with the ideal that it IS what your body loves you may start to change your mindset. Your body takes care of you, so be sure to give back!

Step 2. Wash.

Wash day should occur every 1.5 - 2 weeks with this hair type. Any sooner and we're overwashing/ creating damage, and any later and we're not keeping our hair clean and allowing our follicles to breathe. For our hair type lets keep in mind this one golden rule: Hair Length = When our Hair Growth rate > Hair Breakage. With that in mind, the steps we take should revolve around reducing daily breakage and keeping damage to a minimum.

1. Shampoo your hair with a quarter sized glob of shampoo. It may seem like a little, but its plenty! Water will handle most of the cleansing.

2 Condition your hair using 3 times as much conditioner as you did shampoo. Let your tips soak in conditioner for at least 10 minutes. The tips are where the breakage happens, so we want to be sure they're kept in the best condition possible. Every wash day is a great opportunity for a deep conditioning treatment, so let that heavenly stuff sink in for a while!


Step 3. Tee-Owel dry.

The towel that you use to dry your hair is so important. Hair is its most vulnerable and breakage prone when wet, so how you treat it in this time frame will determine how much breakage actually occurs. Bath towels are too rough. Ever dried your hair with one and then looked down at it after and saw a ton of broken pieces of hair? Yeah, we don't advise using them, for any hair type, but especially ours. T-shirts are a good method if its the right material, using a Tee-Owel will be gentle and effective on your hair every time.

1. Ring out your hair gently in the shower.

2. Tee-Owel dry for optimal care.



Step 4. Style.

After Tee-Owel drying prepare your hair for the style process by putting two dime sized drops of an essential oil (avocado oil, coconut oil, rice oil, any natural moisturizing oil) into the palm of your hand and massage it into your hair. Focus it on mid length to tips to lock in moisture.

1. If blow drying begin the blow drying process using a small round brush to pull the hair through and dry hair fully. 

2. If staightening, follow up your blowdrying with a straightener and work on small sections as a time. *TIP* Be sure to apply pressure at the roots and release pressure at the tips to reduce breakage and damage.


Step 5. Maintenance.

Throughout the next 2 weeks you'll want to maintain your hair, so that you can achieve a higher growth to breakage ratio. We'll list some of our top tips for you to ensure that happens flawlessly!

1. Reduce the use of products that leave filmy residue such as gels and liquid based products. Leave in conditioners are fine and are preferred (especially on tips that start to get crunchy).

2. Use satin based hair ties to pull your hair back/up. As they are less likely to get knotted and are smoother and more gentle on hair.

3. Sleep on a satin pillowcase or use a satin hair wrap at night time to reduce damage from moving around on your pillow during sleep and to keep in moisture.

4. Switch to a protective style if you want to switch up your look. Protective styles work because they mean that you can generally do less fiddling with your hair. Less = MORE. Meaning our hair type is low maintenance and the less we do the better off it is and healthier it is!

5. Don't wear hats that steal hairs moisture, or cover up with wigs as they cut off hairs circulation and inhibit hair growth. Let your hair breathe.


Follow this guide and you're sure to find yourself on the happy hair route! Hair consciousness begins with KnOWLedge & KnOWLedge is power. Congrats! You've already taken the first step and empowered yourself today with our program. 

Tell us about your wash day routine, and/or if you found this guide useful in the comments! We'd love to hear from you. 



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