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Dear Stylist, Here's What You Need to Tell Your Curly Clients...


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As much as bath towels are easy to grab and use, and have been a prevalent hair drying tool in American culture, there is new research showing the harm the material has on the health of your clients curls. You would notice that after drying your clients hair with a traditional bath towel their hair is usually drier to the touch, more frizzy or more broken off on the towel. Why? Because of the harsh fibres that are used in the manufacturing of the towels. Terrycloth bath towels are designed to withdraw all of the moisture upon contact, and is especially effective when left sitting on your hair for a duration of time. This becomes counter-effective for curly and dry hair types considering that they need moisture to fully thrive. A lack of moisture makes the hair susceptible to breakage, split ends, single strand knots, frizz, and so much more. According to Lorraine Massey, author of Curly Girl: The NEW Handbook, “Traditional terry cloth towels absorb too much moisture, which curly hair needs.” Also, she added that "the harsh fibre will ruffle the hair’s cuticle, causing frizz.”   

Curly hair is naturally dry, as the sebum that is produced by our scalp is not able to travel to the ends of the hair. It usually gets stuck in the crevices or corners of our curls because of the formation of the strand. It needs to be moisturized in other ways during our hair regimen, which include a health-conscious wash-day routine. After cleansing and conditioning your clients curly hair with moisture to maintain the health of the strand, it’s time to rinse. In the curly girl method after rinsing one would use a t-shirt (free of graphics and writing) to dry their hair, as the material is a more favourable and effective substitute to bath towels. T-Shirts soak up just the excess water, but still leave water behind allowing the strands to retain its moisture and keep its curl pattern.

As a salon owner and/or hairstylist, it is critical to recommend protective hair products and other solutions for your clients in order to optimize their hair health and grow their hair. In 2020, more salons are in investing in products that will protect their curly and textured haired clients. One of these products is our Tee-Owels hair towels. Tee-Owels are a protective and lightweight hair towel made from soft, organic cotton t-shirt material that is designed specifically with curly and textured hair in mind. Our brand has answered the needs of your clients and the overall market by creating a drying towel that will not damage the health of their hair. Our Tee-Owels are made with a perfect blend of a cotton t-shirt and a towel. This hybrid mixture can absorb excess water up to a point so it will not over absorb. Therefore, leaving your clients curls with some of the precious moisture that they will need for it to feel and stay healthy. Every time a curly client comes to sit in your salon to wash their hair, they could be leaving with a product that will make a difference in their at-home care routine, which will create a better, more personal experience for them!  
In 2019, we surveyed 150 women on the usage of t-shirts vs bath towels to dry hair and the outcome was staggering: 94% of the surveyed women reported using a bath towel to dry their hair at some point in their lifetime. Of these women, 89% reported that bath towels felt heavy on their head, and 78% reported experiencing damage and/or extreme dryness after using one. Additionally, 90% of the surveyed women reported that they have used a t-shirt or tee-owel to dry their hair and 96% of those women reported experiencing less dryness, breakage and frizz in their hair after use. To take the survey click here.

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