Still using harsh bathtowels to dry your hair? Because that's what we were taught, right? How about wrapping your hair up in an old t-shirt to dry? As new science and information suggests, bathtowels are doing your hair a lot more harm than good.  The material is known to be too rough on hair, creating friction, frizz and breakage, especially for curly and dry hair types... And people who have been make-shifting a towel out of an old t-shirt (like we used to) know this! 

At Tee-Owels we know the smoother and softer the material the better! Get ready to ditch the bathtowels and makeshift t-shirt head-wraps, and switch to our perfect protective hair towel hybrid, the Tee-Owel. Made of soft organic cotton t-shirt material, Tee-Owels are the convenient and lightweight solution for your wash-day routine. Reduce damage and frizz in style with our heathy hair towels! 

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Eco-Friendly Packaging


In our conscious effort to reduce plastic waste & love the earth, every Tee-Owel comes in an eco-friendly cotton travel pouch.

It all started with an Owl on washday...

An Owel’s job is to protect your hair! Meet ORiG the Owl, your hair’s new best friend. With a full head of curls, Orig rocks a t-shirt towel wrap of her own.

Revolutionizing The Salon Experience.

Curl stylist or salon owner? Enhance your clients experience. More and more salons are using our t-shirt towels on their curly clients! Join the force behind a healthy-hair revolution and ask us about our wholesale discounts. Email us at

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